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espicially those hard to find incest/rape and other kinky shit thats mostly in diff languages.

any video in english or english subtitles put in here This is only for women who are totally and utterley kinky they will do the most disgusting things , Please post only women doing really sick and disturbing things .

obviously i agreed to this situation though knowing i would be cuckolded to some degree, the thought quite honestly turned me on. I'm attached to a woman who's vanilla, and I'm secretly hunting for a girl to have some very dirty webcam sessions with.8.5" measured from the top Several anal toys, from thin to thick No recording videos Gaping, watersports, etc...fetish Some Yung Gui is my email (you know the domain). Oh, and when I say I'm seeking a female, that means you should not have a penis. send me a message ;) I confess I have written lots of perverted posts and straightforward sick answers to other posters,as If I knew something at all about what I whas saying, but all of that is bullshit.

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If you want to get properly done though, Alexandria may do men's sugaring by request.

Enjoy your one day of smoothness followed by 3 weeks of intensely prickly undercarriage.

and my gf finally suggested we do a couple swap or foursome.

this russian girl has a tight little body and shes a bit of a fitness freak, so i was kinda excited at this prospect.

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Expensive though, and probably not gonna do your cock and balls.

I would recommend finding a You Tube DIY, having a few beers, and doing it yourself.

I confess I watch it because imagination isnt real life, and what I cant do in real life because I lack the fucking skills, I experience it via the goddamn internet and motherles, because I guess I feel confident on my own with my laptop at night. Dont care what some sucker like me answers, this is gonna end. I've been wanting content that pushed taboo a little further than the popular sites do.

I am in Winnipeg, a younger guy, who is a closet bottom of little experience. I would love to find someone local to push some taboo boundaries with me, and let me make them cum in ways they didn't think possible !

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