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We need to make better food choices and educate ourselves on what we are putting into our bodies.

Meal timing is also a big factor in controling weight and regaining health.

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This is far beyond policy disagreements he truly is a disgusting person.

I truly can't fathom how anyone can witness Trump's continual childish, boorish behavior total disrespect for others but still support him.

It bothered me to see the OPP video clip of the cop pulling over an obvious offender last week on a major highway, and just give him a warning This right after telling us that the 40 deaths so far this year attributed to distraction, almost double that of 21 killed by drunks on the road I bet if this guy was drinking he would not get a warning If it is a serious as they claim, why still give warnings The time has come and gone for warnings. S., she enabled Libya to fall, so that Gaddafi was taken out ISIS was able to take over...that's why Trump says Clinton Obama created ISIS.

They will only get the message when you take their licence, and maybe the phones from them I have quite a hard time listening to you on weekend ams on CFRB, as you don't seem to know your hx. I'm referring to your hate-on re Mr Trump, seeming approval of Clinton. Bill Clinto is a serial rapist, sexual abuser, pedophile, who allowed North Korea to get the Nuclear bomb. The 2 Clintons are pathological liars, will dosay anything for more moneypower.

Do you even know that Obama is gay, Michelle is a trans(as per Joan Rivers'spontaneous interview that's why she was killed), the daughters are adopted, Obama is a crack smoking, promiscuous Muslim born in Kenya(as per his brother's interview)..US presidents are supposed to be born American, so he's really done quite a job deluding us.

Whatever differences we have Paul we both like Game of Thrones.We did not bail them out in support of the company ownership and share holder but rather in support of the labour force. Maybe the bailout should have come with conditions on the CEOs.GM and for that matter will go to where it is most financially beneficial. Regards Tom I totally agree with you Paul when you say that it costs the public nothing to pay for these huge salaries earned by pro sports, if you don't go to the games.Jon Snow, Daenery Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister are my favorite characters (the ohycho who flays people is my favorite villian).I think Daenery will take it all, it's hard to bet against the "Mother of Dragons).He has already hinted @ that if you don't know that the elites that run this world ( the Media) have already established the NWO (as per Kissinger's book), then you are both very naive.